Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog. August 2013. First visit o Annamaghkerrig

August 2013

I have just returned from my first ever week in the Tyrone Gutherie Centre, Annamaghkerrig. I had aimed to write 40,000 words of my latest ghostwriting project, and managed 30,000 so I'm pleased enough.

What a magic place! I've been pampered, fed (far too) well, and met the most eclectic, interesting group of artists, writers, playwrighs, composers, poets, directors and musicans you could ever imagine. The house was postively heaving with talent.

Enjoyed lots of runs through the forests, after dinner walks, and today, a swim in the lake. Now it's back to reality!

Many thanks to the estate of Tyrone Guthrie, and to the Arts Council for fostering Irish creativity so nicely. Not to mention the amazing team, headed by Robbie and Mary who strive to keep all the inmates happy and productive.

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