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Sheila Bugler

Beginner’s Pluck.
Interviewed by Sue Leonard.
Published on 14th December 2013.

Beginner’s Pluck Shelia Bugler

Sheila has always written, yet never thought she would be a writer. After university she did a TEFL course, (teaching as a foreign language,) and that took her to Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Holland.
“Then I arrived in London. I worked in IT; then in human resources, and I now work in corporate communication.”

It wasn’t until Shelia had her children, than she had a try at writing.
“I loved it at once. I love the idea of embracing my creativity. I can write anywhere; even with my children screaming around me. But my early morning, and my two hour commute are my preferred times.”

Who is Sheila Bugler?

Date of birth: 22nd March 1968, in Galway

Education: Our Lady’s Bower, Athlone. UCG, (Galway,) Psychology.

Home: Eastbourne.

Family: Husband Sean, Luke 12, Ruby 7.

The Day Job: Corporate Communications.

Interests: Cinema, and I adore walking. One of reasons we moved was for the beautiful countryside.

Favourite Writers: Norman Maclean; James Salter; Scott Fitzgerald; Alan Hollinghurst and PG Wodehouse. “When I read Wodehouse, I weep with laughter every time.”

Second Novel: Watch Over You, is out early next year.

Top Writing Tip: Get the first draft done. Then you have something to work with.

Web: Twitter: @sheilab10

The Debut: Hunting Shadows. Brandon: €12.99 Kindle: €8.72.

DI Ellen Kelly has returned to work after an enforced absence; she had confronted her husband’s killer. Her first case concerns a missing child; she has a lot to prove. But her superiors, wanting the case sorted fast, push her down the wrong tracks. Will she get to the truth in time?

“Years ago a friend shared a house with a woman she didn’t know well. One day the woman came home with a baby, claiming it was hers. Clearly it wasn’t. That stayed with me. And since I’ve become a mother, I’m terrified of my children being harmed. That fear drives me.”

The Verdict: Terrific. The tense interaction between Ellen, and her second in command Abby, makes this particularly compelling.

© Sue Leonard. 2013

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