Monday, October 14, 2013

Susannah Healy

Beginner’s Pluck.
Interviewed by Sue Leonard.
Published in the Irish Examiner on 5th October

Beginner’s Pluck Susannah Healy.

 Susannah has always enjoyed writing, but it took a back seat for many years.  A psychologist who is currently researching a PhD, she started writing articles for various magazines years ago. She loved it. And the more she wrote, the more her ideas snowballed.  

           “I often thought about writing a book, but the idea had to be a compelling one. There had to be something I really wanted to share with a large audience, in order to generate the energy to write one.

             “I had started on a new diet, and suddenly realised I was using ‘all or nothing’ thinking. I realised I was missing out by not applying psychological aspects to my dieting. Since then, I have lost 3 stone.”

 Who is Susannah Healy?  

Date of birth: 31st August 1969, in Glenageary, County Dublin.

Education: Holy Child, Killiney. UCD, Spanish and Greek and Roman Civilisation. Post grad in Marketing in Mountjoy Square. American College, Dublin, psychology degree. UCC – doing a PhD in psychology.  

Home: Cabinteely.  

Family: Husband Arthur, and three sons, Arthur 9, Oliver 7 Chester 5.  

The Day Job: Part-time psychologist.   

Interests: Philosophy, quantum physics, that whole invisible world.  

Favourite Writers: “I love books for the amateur physicist, where science and spirituality meet.”  

Second Novel: “I would love to write another, but I think it’s a few years away.”  

Top Writing Tip: “You have to be disciplined; so just sit at the desk and do it. Getting up early helps me too.”  

Web  Twitter: no.  

The Debut: Fabulous Jelly. Use your Brain to Lose Weight.  Mercier: €12.99. Kindle: Not yet available.

 We all know how to lose weight, yet most of us fail. And this, Susannah Healy contends, is because we try for overnight transformation, instead of examining our eating habits, and implementing small, gradual changes.  

“I wanted to introduce a new step into the dieting process. People should first address their psychological eating habits. It’s a weaning process.”  

The Verdict: A comprehensive, common sense guide to avoiding the pitfalls of dieting.

© Sue Leonard. 2013.

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