Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Second Marriages | Irish Examiner

Second time ’round can be complicated | Irish Examiner

SIDEBAR. (In Paper, but not on line Version.

When Simon met Olivia.
Simon Parr, a Production Manager for a printing company, met Olivia Lakin, a Forecasting Manager, two years ago.
“I’d been on my own for about five years at the time,” says Simon, now 39. “Before that, I’d lived with my girlfriend, Amanda. We were together for eight years, but we never married. I’d moved out of her house, and bought my own. I felt ready to move on. So I went on line, and found Olivia.
“Olivia, 34, had been married for almost three years. It hadn’t worked out. Her husband, Chris, had moved out four months before we met. We met for a lunch that should have lasted one hour. We talked for seven. I sort of knew, then.
“She didn’t have children; but she does have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Millie and Moo. They’re the friendliest dogs in the world. At the time, I had part custody to a dog I’d shared with Amanda. We never let the dogs meet! Dexter passed away last May. I haven’t seen Amanda since.
“Chris is off the scene. Olivia ended the marriage. He’s kept well away since. Olivia has met Amanda, and that was fine. At first it was complicated that we both had houses. But five weeks ago, Liv let out her house, and moved in with me.
“It doesn’t worry me that Olivia has been married before. We’re not young and everyone has baggage. I think, maybe, meeting older has advantages. You’ve maybe learned from your mistakes. But everyone is different. No relationship is going to be the same.
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